Warm greetings from the President

Our goal is to establish Gyeonggi-do as the hub of transformations and opportunities, ensuring our institution’s position as a trusted entity among the local community

Dear esteemed residents of Geyonggido, warm greetings to you all! I am Kim Seyong, President of GH Gyeonggi Housing & Urban Development Corporation.

In the face of challenging conditions like an unpredictable housing market and economic recession, we are on the brink of a significant singularity, where the city's noticeable evolution unfolds through the advancement of artificial intelligence. We will swiftly address these shifts to proactively take the lead in solving the housing problems faced by the residents.

Our aspiration is to establish ourselves as a leading institution in housing platform innovation by promptly delivering appropriate public housing, expanding opportunities for residents, and promoting the development of an enhanced residential community.

Furthermore, our unwavering commitment lies in establishing a spatial foundation in Gyeonggi-do that attracts the finest workforce and businesses. This way, we aim to create a robust economic infrastructure that catalyzes local innovation and generates employment opportunities.

Similarly, to enhance our communication with the citizens, we will focus on building their trust through a holistic approach to management that emphasizes innovation and transparency.

We promise to continuously strive towards excellence, ensuring that GH evolves into a premier public entity cherished and embraced by the people of Gyeonggi-do. Thank you very much.

Kim Sei Yong, CEO of GH Gyeonggi Housing & Urban Development Corporation.